Italian Night @ BIFF

05. October 2015

Right now in Busan, the International Film Festival (BIFF, like TIFF for you Torontoians) is happening. Last night, there was an Italian event at Paradise Hotel in Haeundae to celebrate Italian film at BIFF. My friend Mindy, who normally does the photos for these events, needed help covering the event so she asked me! I had never done photographs for an event like this before so it was pretty intimidating, especially with all the directors, actors, ambassadors, etc..! Nonetheless, it went well (and the food and wine was definitely a perk!)

After the Italian event, we all went upstairs and crashed the Hong Kong event for some more food and wine (I was finished working at this point). After that, everyone headed out to a couple different bars in Haeundae. Such a cool experience hanging out with people from all over the world who came to Busan for the festival.

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