01. October 2018

I recently moved to Guatemala to work for an NGO who's mission is to alleviate poverty amongst indigenous Maya women by providing them with an income for creating hand-woven bags and accessories. It's really interesting and important work and I am so happy

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Bridal Shower

16. July 2017

Today was my good friend Laura's bridal shower, so I was the designated photographer for the day. The shower was Kate Spade themed and everything looked beautiful,

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06. July 2017

After my return to Toronto, I was asked to help out at MaRS Innovation (I have done some work there in the past) with an event they were hosting for the Canada/Korea Health Care conference. Since I can speak a bit of Korean and was on the job hunt anyway, they asked if

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Feature of the Week

29. February 2016

I have recently arrived back in South Korea for another year of teaching. I just spent six months backpacking through most of East and Southeast Asia! I got so many great shots, so I want to share them all with you! I will be featuring a different country every week,

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Busan Haps Magazine

20. November 2015

While I was living in Korea, I became a part of the acroyoga community in Busan. We did a photoshoot one day last winter out in the streets of Busan. Recently, one of the members of the acroyoga community asked me if I would like to share my photos to go along

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Italian Night @ BIFF

05. October 2015

Right now in Busan, the International Film Festival (BIFF, like TIFF for you Torontoians) is happening. Last night, there was an Italian event at Paradise Hotel in Haeundae to celebrate Italian film at BIFF. My friend Mindy, who normally does the photos for these events,

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KTO Awards Ceremony

24. September 2015

I entered a couple photos into the 43rd Korea Tourism Organization's photo contest in the summer and one of my photos won Honourable Mention (and $300!) On September 17th, they had an awards ceremony in Seoul and invited me to come. I am so happy I went,

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Instagram Feature Galore!

10. August 2015

This photo was featured 5 times last week on Instagram! Was awesome to see travel companies and pages pick up my photo and repost it on their profiles. This photo was taken at the Cherry Blossom festival in Jinhae, South Korea in the spring. Check out their profiles here:

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KTO Cover Photo Contest

13. July 2015

Korea Tourism Organization hosted a Facebook cover photo contest a couple weeks ago. They were looking for a new cover photo with a summer theme. Having just taken a trip to Seoul, I submitted this photo from Gyeongbokgung Palace taken on a beautiful summer day. They announced

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Flow n Glow Yoga

09. February 2015

I was asked by one of the lovely foreigner yoga instructors, Kara Bemis, here in Busan to be the photographer for a flow and glow yoga class she was teaching. I had never shot blacklight before, but was up for the challenge. It was a bit stressful trying to capture

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Feature: En Route Traveler

12. January 2015

En Route Traveler featured another one of my photos! This photo was taken in Seoul just after the new year. I am so happy and proud to have it featured! Check out the link to read about where & why I took the photo. Thanks again En Route!

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Instagram Photo Challenge

26. November 2014

I was nominated by @pixely on Instagram to participate in the 5 shot black and white photo challenge (#5shotchallenge). I am posting a black and white photo every day for 5 days with the hashtags #5shotchallenge and #blackandwhitephotochallenge, and nominating

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Selling Photos!

05. August 2014

As some of you may know, I am moving to Busan, South Korea at the end of August. So I need to get rid of all of my leftover printed and framed photos from all of my shows this summer! If you would like to help out a local, starving artist and are in the Toronto area, take a look at these

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31. July 2014

At the Kensington Market Art Fair this past weekend, Nuvango also had a booth to advertise their products and get artists to join their community. Nuvango prints artwork on products such as phone cases, laptop skins and much more. I gave them my email and they reached out to me

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KMAF Success

28. July 2014

Yesterday, Sunday July 27th, was the second day I participated in the Kensington Market Art Fair. It was another successful day- thank you to everyone who came out and supported me & the fair! This time went a lot more smoothly because I knew what to expect, I came prepared

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Custom Orders!

18. June 2014

After Kensington, I contacted everyone who left their email addresses in my log-in book at the fair and asked if anyone would like custom prints. Many people had told me at the fair that they were interested, so I sent out an email with an order date and I got some responses! I ended up

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Kensington Market Art Fair Success!

26. May 2014

Yesterday was the first day of the Kensington Market Art Fair and it was a huge success! I had no idea what to expect, but everything went smoothly, it was a beautiful day and I got lots of great feedback on my photos. Thanks to

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My First Gallery!

16. May 2014

Last night was the opening night of my first gallery (apart from student galleries at Glendon)! Above is a picture of the invite and a few of last night complete with wine and cheese. It was such a great night and I am so excited to have my photos

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Kensington Market Art Fair

23. April 2014

Kensington Market hosts Pedestrian Sundays every last Sunday of the month from May-October. The streets are closed off to all vehicles and there are plenty of interesting things to do and see. This year, Keep 6 is teaming up with them

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Toronto's Thriving Food Scene

16. April 2014

I have done a few photo essays and such for En Route Traveler, so I was contacted by them again and was asked if I could provide them with any Toronto photos for their new article on the thriving food scene in Toronto. Of course, I said

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Photography Blogger Feature!

11. April 2014

I woke up to a lovely email this morning- such a great way to start my day! I had emailed Photography Blogger a little while ago and asked what their process is for featuring photographers. I got a reply today saying that they decided to go

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Facebook: Nina SN Photography

09. April 2014

I like to post a bit of inspiration here and there, photography-related, whether it be amazing photos, top 10 lists, other photographers or travel destinations and also what I'm up to in the photography world. I used to do that right here

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Photo Essay: En Route Traveler

07. March 2014

Not too long ago, I did a photo essay on Israel for En Route Traveler. We kept in touch, and I have put together another photo essay for them, on India this time! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they feature my

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Photo Essay: En Route Traveler

17. January 2014

A few weeks ago, En Route Traveler featured one of my photos on Instagram. Shortly after, I got an email from them saying that they looked at my website, really liked my work and wanted me to do a photo essay for them with my Israel photos! Without hesitation, I pulled

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03. January 2014

I read about National Geographic's project called Frame What Matters and decided I wanted to participate! So I brought the iconic yellow frame with me to Mexico and started snapping pictures with it. On Christmas morning, my brother and I got up early

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IMS Art Show

12. December 2013

Last week, I donated two of my photos to the IMS (Institute of Medical Science) Art Show, a silent auction put on by U of T and CAMH. All of the money made went towards a charity called Workman Arts, which is dedicated towards helping artists with mental illness.

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Published in the Globe and Mail!

03. December 2013

So I was just hanging out at home this past Saturday afternoon, when I got a call from my mom. "Did you know you were published in the Globe and Mail?!" Ummm...what?! Sure enough, two of my photos (that they found on my Instagram account) were published in

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Inspiration: 3.8 Billion Pixels

26. November 2013

Have you ever wondered what Mount Everest looks like up close? You can take a tour of this 3.8 billion-pixel picture (!!!) of Everest! It is made up of over 400 photos, so when you zoom way in, it is still crystal clear (the image above is one of many of Base Camp, and you can

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New Logo!

18. November 2013

I wanted to create a watermark for my photos since I am getting them more out there and participating in galleries (more to come on that!) My friend Amanda offered to help design a logo for me and this is what she came up with! I am very pleased with it. What do you

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Inspiration: Afghan Girl

13. November 2013

Everyone has seen the famous picture of the Afghan girl published in 1985. I came across her story again when her picture showed up on a recent issue of National Geographic. I was really excited about the issue and showed my dad, who has been collecting National

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Your Shot & 500px

15. October 2013

I have been trying to get my photos out there more lately, so I created profiles on Your Shot (to see the photos click "Your Shot Photos") and 500px. Both are photo sharing platforms, where you can "like" and comment on photos and work your way up to the "favourites" page.

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Inspiration: World Press Photo

07. October 2013

This past weekend I went to the World Press Photo Exhibit at the Brookfield Place. The images on display are extremely sad and powerful. It is photojournalism at its finest. It directly ties in to my previous post about the power of photography as explained by Nat Geo.

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Inspiration: The Photography Issue

01. October 2013

It is my favourite time of the month- Nat Geo time! And not only that, but this month's issue is really exciting. Nat Geo is celebrating their 125th anniversary with this Collector's Edition Photography Issue. It speaks of the importance and power of photography. The article

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3rd Place!

15. November 2012

Tonight I won 3rd place at the Jump/Birthright Photo Exhibit. Won myself a camera (which I sold, because I already have a camera, and bought an underwater camera, which I'm super excited about!)

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Top 10 Exhibit

06. November 2012

My birthright photo made it to top 10! Now I know this has nothing to do with photography as such (just good marketing!) but it is exciting as there will be an exhibit (Nov. 15 at JUMP) with my photo on display and a printed version for the silent auction. Also, fingers crossed that

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Photo for Birthright

16. October 2012

My photo was chosen for top 40 for the Birthright photo competition. Please vote for my photo so that I can win a free trip to Israel (& be proud of a winning photo of course!) Voting is open until November 5th at noon. (Link no longer available)

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Story for RealGap

27. September 2012

I wrote a story about my trip to India for RealGap and they published it on their blog with a few of my photos!

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25. July 2012

My photo from Havana was chosen and was published in the summer issue of the Footprints magazine! (Link no longer available)

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Being Considered

07. June 2012

This photo I took in Cuba is being considered for the top 10 photos in the Footprints magazine by Flight Centre!

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5th Place!

17. January 2012

Today I won 5th place at the student gallery/competition at Glendon for my two photos entitled "Going to Market."

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Glendon Gallery

09. January 2012

I am participating in Glendon's student gallery again this year. The opening reception is going to be held at the Glendon Gallery on Tuesday, January 17th from 5-8pm. The exhibit will be open until the 27th. Come take a look!

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New Website

06. January 2012

My new Secretary powered website is up!

Secretary is a system designed and created by my brother, Mikael Staer.


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